Expand the .zip file




          To access the files stored in a “.zip” format compressed archive file, you need to have a zip decompression utility installed on your computer, or be using a version of Windows that includes this feature.


            To find out if your computer already supports zip file decompression, try browsing to a .zip file in Windows Explorer and right-click on the .zip file (just to see what options are available – don’t actually select an action just yet).  If you see options to “extract” or “expand” then you could use such features to expand the downloaded .zip file.


            If you don’t already have .zip file decompression software on your computer, there are plenty of programs available to do this – free for personal use – which can be found by “googling” for “free zip decompression” or something similar.  Install a suitable program, then continue with the following steps.



1)      Copy the .zip file to an empty folder, then browse to this folder (in Windows Explorer).


This is to ensure that the process of expanding the .zip file doesn’t step on any existing files in the same folder as the .zip file.



2)      In Windows Explorer, right-click on the .zip file and select an action that will expand the contents of the archive.


Often, this will create a new folder which contains the component files stored in the archive.  One of these files should be a “.prc” file, which is the Palm OS executable file.




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