How to Install Palm OS Software

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1.      Introduction  -  your Palm Powered™ handheld can be much more than just an organizer!


The popular “Palm” operating system provides the software foundation for a wide variety of PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants).  Many users of these handheld devices probably use them as they come, “out of the box”, with their standard built-in applications (i.e. Calendar, Phonebook, To-Do list, Memo pad, Calculator, and perhaps a few others).


Thanks to their excellent portability and ease-of-use, these devices are quite useful, even as delivered, with the standard software.


However, generally speaking, these devices are actually general purpose computers in a very compact package!  There are thousands of third-party programs (i.e. software applications) that can be installed on a Palm handheld device to enable it to run a spreadsheet, play chess, manipulate databases, draw maps, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.!!


These instructions are intended for those who may be interested in installing additional software on their Palm OS handheld device, but have questions about how this is done.



2.      Scope  -  Palm OS software delivered as a “.prc” executable file in a “.zip” compressed archive file


One common way to deliver a Palm OS application is as a “.prc” executable file contained in a “.zip” compressed archive file.  The .prc file (for example “ScrapBook.prc”), is the executable file that actually gets installed on the Palm OS handheld device (and then can be executed on the handheld).


One advantage of delivering the .prc file in a .zip file is that, within the .zip file, the .prc file can be “bundled” with various documentation files such as a user manual, end user license agreement (EULA), a release notes document for that version of the program, and any other useful information about the program.


The other big advantage of the .zip file format is the data compression, which produces a compact “.zip” file which downloads quickly.


Note: another way to deliver a Palm OS application (not covered in these instructions) is via a Windows-style installer (.exe file).  In such cases, please refer to the product’s installation instructions for details.



3.      Overview – the steps needed to install a Palm OS program


(Click the links below for whichever steps you would like to see described in more detail.)


  1. Download the product’s .zip file to your PC’s hard drive.
  2. Expand the .zip file.
  3. Select the .prc file for upload to the handheld on the next HotSync
  4. HotSync the handheld (which will install the program!)



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