Select the .prc file for upload to the handheld on the next HotSync



1)      If necessary, copy the Palm OS application’s .prc file (and any other files that the zip archive expanded into) to the computer that’s used for doing a HotSync of the handheld.  The remaining instructions should be performed on that computer.



2)      Run the Palm Desktop’s “Install Tool”.


This can be done by:

a)      Double-clicking (from Windows Explorer) on the .prc file


b)      Clicking on “Start” / “Programs” / “Sony Handhelds” (for example!) / “Install Tool”



This should start up a window looking like this:




3)      If the desired .prc file is not yet listed (i.e. if you used method “b” above), click “Add…”.  This will bring up a browsing window:




Browse to the folder containing the .prc file and select the file such that it’s name gets filled in at “File name:”, then click “Open” to add this file to the list of files to be uploaded to the handheld upon the next HotSync.



4)   If the program’s .zip file also contained some “.pdb” files that need to be installed, these should be added to the list as in step 3 above.  (If necessary, check the program’s installation instructions to determine the exact set of files (.pdb and/or .prc) that need to be installed.)


5)      Make sure that the proper Palm HotSync ID name is selected in the “User:” field at the top of the Install Tool’s window.


6)      Click “Done” in the Install Tool.


The new program will be installed during the next HotSync!





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