Creating a note on Palm OS is easy.  Finding the note you want, when you want it, efficiently and quickly, is what ScrapBook is all about.

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The simplest way to use ScrapBook is to create notes as needed, assigning a title to each note, but not spending any extra effort to organize the notes in any way.  This makes it very easy to capture bits of information on the fly, with very little overhead.  When you want to find one of your notes afterwards, ScrapBook’s sorting and searching capabilities are very effective tools to help you locate the note you want.

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Those who want their notes to be well organized will be happy to know that ScrapBook provides three methods for organizing your notes: nested folders, categories, and keyword lists.  You are free to use any or all (or none) of these methods on a note-by-note basis.  You may, for example, have a group of notes that cover different aspects of a particular topic, and may wish to group those notes together in a folder that represents the topic. 

Search Keywords
Or, you may have a large set of notes, scattered across a variety of folders, yet they may all have in common the fact that they need to be considered when it comes time to prepare one’s taxes!  In this case, assigning the keyword “taxes” to each of the notes would make it easy to call up this entire group of notes by performing a search for the keyword “taxes” – regardless of which folders or categories the notes are actually stored in.


Notes which are not organized at first can easily be organized later.  To find such notes, ScrapBook provides sort orders that help you locate notes created recently or notes not yet linked to a folder.  You can then create appropriate folders (if necessary), and link each of the notes to a folder so that they are properly filed.

Search Strings

In order to keep your data safe, we support industry-standard encryption. It can be selected on a note-by-note basis to prevent slowdowns, but keep important data safe.  The encryption feature is well integrated with ScrapBook’s searching capabilities, so one can allow a search to scan encrypted notes too (ScrapBook will prompt for any passwords needed - your data remains safe).


Some enhanced note-taking programs provide extended searching capabilities but only offer standard ‘categories’ for organization; and some programs provide enhanced organizational capabilities such as nested folders, but offer only a limited search capability.  What distinguishes ScrapBook is that it is strong in both these areas – providing two enhanced organizational tools (nested folders and keyword lists), and also providing outstanding search capabilities!


Import/Export formCutting a long story short: ScrapBook is the ideal note-taking application for tech-savvy power users. If you have outgrown the Memo Pad, this is your new best friend.

A free trial of the program can be obtained at The full version can be purchased at one of our distributor partners (eSellerate, PalmGear, Handango, RegNow, MobiHand) for $15.