ScrapBook's Features (in depth)

Nested Folders

ScrapBook lets you organize your notes in a hierarchical collection of folders, in which a folder can contain other folders, with no limit imposed on the nesting depth.  A simple "Folders" screen lets you navigate quickly through the hierarchy.  You can restructure the folders and move notes from one folder to another using Cut and Paste operations.

You can continue to organize notes using "categories" (to carry over the organization when notes are imported from Memos) even as the notes are assigned to folders (these two methods of organizing your notes can co-exist).

Superior Search Capabilities
There are a number of replacements available for the Palm OS Memos and Memo Pad applications, offering enhanced capabilities compared to the built-in program, however, ScrapBook offers exceptional search capabilities.  Taken as a set, several of ScrapBook's features help to make its search capability quite easy to use and very efficient.  "Keyword auto-completion" (described below) helps minimize the time needed to enter the word or words you want to search for.  An internal cross-reference enables the actual search to be performed very quickly (without having to scan large amounts of text).  By sorting the search results to list the best matches first, the note you're looking for will probably be at or near the top of the list.  After a search, you can browse through multiple "hits" without needing to repeat the search.

Thus, when you know what you're looking for, a search may often be the easiest way to go straight to the information that you're looking for.

Multiple Keyword Search
ScrapBook's primary search feature is the multiple-keyword search.  The word or words used in a note's title are considered to be searchable keywords.  Optionally, you can list additional keywords after the note's title (for example, the note's topic or subject matter, or synonyms for words used in the title).

A keyword search can search for one or more keywords.  It is possible that several matching notes will be found.  The best matches are those notes which matched the largest number of keywords, so these appear first in the screens that let you browse through the results of a search.

An internal cross-reference (which cross-references known keywords with the notes that use them) provides two kinds of speed improvement:
Please see several keyword search examples for more information on using this feature.

Additional Search Features

Additional Features

    1. Creation date
    2. Modification date
    3. Title (alphabetical order)
    4. Number of folders the note is linked to (0 or 1)
    5. Message size
    6. (default ordering, by ID number - optimizes lookup speed)

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