ScrapBook Affiliate Sales through RegNow

One of the ways in which ScrapBook is available for sale is through the "RegNow" affiliate network.  This makes it possible for a web site operator to place an advertisement for ScrapBook on their web site and earn a commission on resulting sales!

Slow-Cooked Software, LLC has an account with RegNow as a vendor (vendor id = 12257), and lists ScrapBook for sale (product id = 12257-1).

To participate as an affiliate,

Once the request for an affiliate relationship is approved, you can use your affiliate control panel to access the text and graphics links that can be inserted into your HTML page to create an advertisement link for ScrapBook.

In case your links (based on RegNow's scripts - see below) direct the user to Slow-Cooked Software's web site, the user will be presented only with download or purchasing options based on RegNow, to help assure that the affiliate receives the appropriate commission (this is based on RegNow's cookie-based tracking mechanism.)

That's it - ALMOST!

Providing a Free Trial Download

Since ScrapBook is shareware, most users will probably  want to evaluate a free trial download before purchasing.

However, since ScrapBook runs on Palm OS (and not on an operating system that RegNow is better equipped to support), RegNow will only source the download *after* the purchase has been made!

This means that most of the links you will find in your RegNow affiliate control panel are, effectively, "Buy Now" links - to be used if the user wants to purchase ScrapBook before downloading it!

I have found one exception to this, in the "Relationship Detail" window, on the "Sales Links" tab, in the bottom section "Link to the Vendor's Homepage".  This link has the form


where XXXXX is your affiliate ID.

If this link is used, you will be recorded as the affiliate who referred the user to ScrapBook; then the user's browser will load Slow-Cooked Software's page, from which the user can obtain the trial download.  (In this scenario, only the RegNow build of ScrapBook will be offered to the user - and this build directs the user to return to to make the purchase.)  When the user does decide to register ScrapBook and goes to to make the purchase, you will be credited with the sales commission.  The "cookie based" tracking mechanism that supports this isn't 100% foolproof, but nevertheless is very likely to work as intended.

Another option, which I learned about thanks to the excellent support staff at RegNow, is to use the following variation of the above link:


where XXXXX is your affiliate ID.

The effect of the above link is to record you as the affiliate who referred the user to ScrapBook, and initiate a download of the RegNow build of ScrapBook from Slow-Cooked Software's web site - all without causing the browser to load a different page!  Many affiliates may prefer this link to implement a "download" button.

Note that the above link refers to a specific version of ScrapBook (i.e., so the link would need to be edited to track future updates (but several old .zip files will stay on-line so old links won't break suddenly).

Alternatively, you could use the following non-version-specific link:


where XXXXX is your affiliate ID.   (The content of "" will be updated with each release so it stays current.)

The above link would be an excellent choice for implementing a "download" button that always retrieves the most up to date version of ScrapBook, without needing to update the link when ScrapBook updates are released.

Also, PAD-style product setup information about the latest version of ScrapBook is available in ScrapBook's PAD file:

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