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ScrapBook version 1.16

Enhanced Note-Taking for Palm OS®

(Released June 19, 2010  -  see what's new)

Do you have many scraps of paper scattered around in various places recording interesting facts or important pieces of information?

Would you like to use your Palm Powered
device to keep track of all this data, but find that the built-in Memos application (or Memo Pad on older devices) doesn't let you organize your notes as you would like to or make it easy enough to find a particular note when you need it?

With a fixed limit of only 15 categories (and no sub-categories), and no way to search other than by using the Global Find facility, Memos isn't really equipped to provide convenient access to your notes when the total number of notes gets large.

"ScrapBook" is a note-taking application, featuring enhanced organizational and search capabilities that help you manage a large collection of notes.  ScrapBook also supports encryption, which provides much better security than is offered by 'private' records in Memos.

You can organize your notes using nested folders (as many as you need, nested as deeply as you need), as well as by using standard Palm OS "categories".  Also, you can assign a list of keywords to a note, and find notes by searching for one or more keywords.  A combination of the nested folders and keyword search features is also available which provides a "virtual folder" capability, in which notes are associated with virtual folders dynamically (based on a correspondence between the words used in a virtual folder's path and the keywords assigned to the associated notes!)

ScrapBook can search its database for multiple words at once (or, optionally, even multiple strings at once), searching keywords, titles, and (optionally) full message texts.  This includes the ability to search the message text of encrypted notes (in which case, ScrapBook will decrypt notes on the fly during the search, prompting for passwords as needed, but only when necessary). Search results are sorted so that the best matches are presented first.

ScrapBook can exchange notes, in both directions, with the built-in Memos or Memo Pad application.  This also provides a path for exchanging ScrapBook notes and text files on the PC.

ScrapBook is shareware with a 30-day free trial period; it becomes fully functional when registered.

If you would like to try ScrapBook, but have questions about how to install it on your Palm PDA, feel free to read our installation guide, or download the installation guide as a Windows-compatible e-book (in case the PC used for HotSync'ing doesn't have internet access).

Download/Purchase ScrapBook   

ScrapBook was designed as a general purpose tool, so that its capabilities can easily be applied in a variety of situations.  Some examples of ways to use ScrapBook include:

Convenient ways to use ScrapBook
On the spur of the moment, all you need to write down is the note's text and a working title.  The category assignment, folder assignment, keyword list, and proper title can all be specified later.  When you have a chance to organize recent notes, just sort all notes by creation time, and the notes needing attention will be at the top of the list.  Even if some notes are never 'organized', they can still be retrieved when needed by searching for particular words used in the note's title/keywords/text.

ScrapBook's ability to restrict a search to selected folders (and, optionally, to the full hierarchy of subfolders below) is especially useful when searching through the content of encrypted notes - because decrypting notes on the fly during the search requires a lot of computation, and limiting the search to only the notes that need to be searched can speed up the search significantly, especially if large amounts of encrypted data are stored in other folders that you don't need to search at the moment.

ScrapBook runs on Palm OS version 3.5 or higher
Requires 138kb of RAM for the program + additional RAM for user data

$15   (U.S. dollars)   Once purchased, all future updates to ScrapBook are offered to you free of charge.

ScrapBook's Features (in depth)

Click Here for a more detailed description of ScrapBook's main features.

ScrapBook's Screens

Sample Screen Images   (click on any image for an annotated description)

Folders form exampleEdit form exampleSearch form example (keywords)Search form example (strings)

Browse form exampleBrowseList form exampleList form exampleImport/Export form example

User Manual
The download file includes a complete user manual, which includes installation instructions.

In addition, installation instructions are available here, or downloadable as a Windows-compatible e-book.

Reviews & User Comments   

"Scrapbook ... is the best PDA application I have used in the past 12 months, and I have tried a lot!  It is simple, quick and unbelievably effective."

See ScrapBook's full review on lostinmobile.com

"I can get a lot of Memo replacements, from freeware to the Palm version of InfoSelect for $69.95   ...  Of all those I have tried, I like the combination of power and flexibility that ScrapBook offers ...  It may not be pretty, but it is good.  In the right hands, this is a true powerhouse program!"

 See ScrapBook's full review on the-gadgeteer.com 

"A big fan of ScrapBook, Stephen. Reminds me of the days when I used InfoSelect on my DOS box extensively. Thanks for making it available. Its memo search module is unmatched."

Ralph Alvy, California    (as posted on mytreo.net)

... "I tried very hard to keep track of this information but needed something more than the standard memo app.  This brings me to my first application I use on a regular basis: Scrapbook." ...

See Clark Fralick's complete posting on the PalmAddict Blog regarding ScrapBook's uses from a teacher's perspective.

"Notepad on steroids! This product delivers a powerful and flexible information storage utility, with secure encryption, at a bargain price. Thanks to a powerful search engine and a familiar convenient hierarchical file storage scheme, the information storage and retrieval uses are limited only by your imagination. Protected diary, password storage, personal journal, financial records, patient notes, and much much more. Wish I'd found this years ago...."

C. Lewis, Sr Technical Writer, Durham, NC 

"After a few tests, I could not resist to buy ScrapBook. It is a real joy to use."

Xavier Maillard, France

"I use scrapbook a lot and I enjoy using it!"

Pang Hon Wah,  Hong Kong

... <several suggested enhancements> ...   "Only a wishlist; it is still a great app providing the functionality I was looking for for years now; I tried with a few databases but they never provided this functionality at this ease of use and great search capability. Thanks for that."

Jens Lippold, Germany

"Scrapbook ... has become my most used application over the past month. After many years, I have finally found my perfect PDA information storage program."

Shaun McGill,  posted on Palm247.com

"As an experienced Palm user I can say this is a fine piece of software that's good to use.  ...  One of the things I particularly like is that the software integrates so well with the Palm Memo application, which has always been easy and convenient to use, and builds on its strengths by giving a means to classify and file the notes under relevant subject headings."

Keith Donaldson, United Kingdom

"ScrapBook for Palm looks very good and has just been updated" 

See mention of ScrapBook, posted September 24, 2007 on the PalmAddict Blog

"If your looking for a great Palm OS note taking program then take a look at ScrapBook."

See mention of ScrapBook, posted January 15, 2008 on the PalmAddict Blog

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Revision History     (Note: ReleaseNotes.txt (contained in the download) includes more details than the summary below)

1.16     19-Jun-10   Added a tutorial.  Also a couple minor changes to the program: after decrypting a note in the Edit form, check whether the expanded view is preferred; also make the List form's New button initialize the new note with the List form's current category.

1.15c    4-Oct-08   Added underlining (optional) within text fields on the Edit and Browse forms.  Also made a few changes to improve appearance and ease of use.

1.15b   26-Jul-08    In Edit form, set focus to message text field if expand button is tapped (fixes problem of vertical page scrolling not working after expanding the message field (if the keyword list previously had focus)).

1.15a   26-Jun-08   Improved handling of 5-Way Navigator control on the Edit and Search Keywords forms.

1.15    17-Apr-08    Added support for the 5-Way Navigator control (for Palm Powereddevices made by Palm, Inc.).  This enables efficient one-handed navigation through nested folders (for example). The user manual has been updated to describe the details of this feature.

1.14a   30-Dec-07   Provides a fix for a bug (an old bug, actually) associated with deleting a folder that still has more than one note linked to it.  The fix also performs a scan to repair any errors in the database which the bug may have caused.

1.14    26-Dec-07   Added support for "virtual folders"!  This appears as the "V" button on the Folders form. When tapped, the elements of the current folder's path are interpreted as keywords to be searched for; the search is launched, and then the results of the search can be viewed using the usual browsing forms.  With virtual folders, the association of notes with a virtual folder is implied by coordinating the keywords assigned to the notes with the names used in the folder's path.

Added the ability to search just the notes found by the previous search (menu Options / Search Last Search Results, on the Search form). This provides a way to refine (and narrow down) the results of a search.

The Search form (in Strings mode) now provides better control over which parts of a note get searched (you can specify searching the titles & keyword lists and/or the message texts).

1.13a   8-Dec-07   Fixed problem encountered when importing notes larger than 4k bytes from Memos (so import and export now both support large notes).  Added menu option "Add Search Results" to the Folders form - to add notes found by the most recent search to the current folder.

1.13   12-Sep-07   Added ability to limit a "Strings" search to a particular category or to the notes and/or folders selected in the Folders form, and the ability to import/export notes directly to/from folders.  Added menus (with shortcuts) to the Edit form for "Insert Date" and "Insert Time", as a convenience for keeping a journal.

1.12  21-May-07   Added ability to search message text of encrypted notes, ability to search for exact phrases as well as individual words.  Edit form can prefer expanded view when loading large existing notes. Enhanced password memory to keep track of all passwords used in current session (not just the most recent one).

1.11b   1-Sep-05   Fixed a bug that caused an error on a Treo 650 when leaving ScrapBook.
1.11a 24-Aug-05   Fixed a bug related to releasing memory when ScrapBook data is deleted.
1.11    2-Aug-05   Added color support for folder, padlock, and application icons.
                           The capitalization check that can occur during import is now optional.
1.1     25-Apr-05   Added support for Folders.  Speed improvement, and minor UI layout changes.
1.01   17-Feb-05   Bug fix to power-down handling when viewing encrypted note.
1.0       4-Feb-05   Initial release - enhanced note-taking for Palm OS.

How to download or purchase ScrapBook

ScrapBook is shareware, with a 30-day free trial period.  During the trial period, ScrapBook operates with functionality that is restricted but sufficient for evaluation purposes.

ScrapBook becomes fully functional when registered.  A registration key is delivered to you when you purchase ScrapBook.  To purchase ScrapBook, following an initial (free) evaluation period, please follow the instructions on ScrapBook's "Register" screen (which can be accessed from the "Help" menu).

After you have purchased and registered ScrapBook, all future updates to ScrapBook are offered to you free of charge.

ScrapBook is distributed as a .zip format compressed archive, containing ScrapBook.prc + documentation.

Download/Purchase ScrapBook

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see ScrapBook's FAQ list.

Contact / Support 

If you have questions or comments regarding ScrapBook, or need technical assistance, you can email contact@slowcookedsoftware.com

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